How to Use Paid Backlinks for Offline Services

Sorry, that we have not been posting for quite some time now. We will try to change this and to provide you with new useful information more often.

Today we decided to shed some light on how we and our close partners use links in our inventory to promote websites of small offline businesses, like dentists, accountants, lawyers, restaurants, etc.

Probably we are not going to say anything new here, but we hope that this post will be useful for some of our regular readers.

First rule is that you should not use only paid links, but you should mix them with other link building strategies, like Web 2.0 properties, link exchange, article marketing, etc. Having said this, your paid backlinks can, actually, bring the most value and link juice to your website. The best thing about paid backlinks is that you can find high quality websites, willing to place your links on their pages in one place, which saves a lot of time. We prefer to spend our time on finding new clients and expanding our business rather than spending it on sending hundreds of emails, proposing link exchange or guest posting.

Second rule is that you should not buy all backlinks in one go. This process should be spread evenly over time period. You do not want search engines to see a number of backlinks jump up in one day and then to stop growing. They should see that people keep adding backlinks to your website, which will increase its authority.

Third rule is pretty obvious. You should buy backlinks on relevant websites or on websites in related niches.

Next rule is to try buying links on pages with high page rank and with high page authority. At the same time, you should not buy text links only on pages with very high authority as this will look unnatural. You should also include links with lower page rank and authority in the list of backlinks to your websites.

Finally, we would advise you to try to get contextual, site wide or contextual site wide backlinks. Over time, these types of one way links proved to be the most efficient.

We know that a lot of webmasters afraid to use paid backlinks and nobody can blame them for it. There have been a lot of PR and marketing campaigns against them. But let us show you one example. Imagine that there is an annoying competitor’s website, ranking always higher than yours. What would you do if the statement that your site can be banned for purchased backlinks was true? Exactly, you would go and buy backlinks from tons of low quality websites to make your competitor banned, would not you? So, if it was that easy, than it would allow people to cheat on the system again and again.

There is really should be much more for a website to be banned. And remember that if a website due to be banned, it is usually done manually by a physical person, who would analyse this website and if there is a lot of rubbish content and rubbish backlinks, that it will be a perfect candidate for a ban.

Lastly we want to say that none of the websites, we have been promoting, using our inventory, have been banned or de-indexed. So, now it is really up to you whether you want to waste your time or save it for expanding your business or for spending it with your family. It is up to you. On our side we will answer any questions you probably have.

If you decide to try paid backlinks, you can start really small and to see whether this is working for you. Our system does not charge advertisers for a whole month in advance, so if they decide to cancel links earlier, they will only pay for the time when backlink was physically live. So, there is no reason not to try us. If you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask our support for any assistance you need.

All about Google +

Due to the popularity of social media nowadays along with the technological innovations, there are lots of developments have been made. One of these developments is the Google + which is the newest social networking site developed by Google Inc. Just like any other social networking site, Google + has also unique features which makes the site different from other social media platforms.

Here are the features of Google +

Circles- This feature refers to your “friend” in the social networking sites, however, this is different compared to other social networking platforms because this feature classifies your “friends” into different circles or categories. In addition, through this feature, you have the ability to choose the content that you want to share with your friends.

Stream- This feature of Google + is the same with the newsfeed feature of Facebook wherein you will see the latest activities of your friends.

Sparks- This feature is very interesting because it offers you information on your interests. For instance, you like swimming, once you choose swimming in your spark category, automatically; your spark feed will display topics relevant to swimming.

Hangouts- This is the most exciting and interesting part of the features of Google +. Through this feature you have the chance to socialize with other users through the use of video chat. With this feature, 10 people can actually use the hangout feature at the same time. This feature is the first in a social networking platform. In addition to this feature, people who use hangout can watch the videos at YouTube in the same screen at the same time.

Aside from socializing, Google + can also be used for business purposes. Actually, you can use Google + as a tool to drive traffic to the articles that you have created. Here are the steps that you can follow to drive traffic to your articles through the use of Google +.

First thing that you need to do is to familiarize yourself with Google + along with its features. You need to get acquainted with the site in order for you to create a plan on how you can take advantage of its features and use it for your benefits as well. Since Google + is still new to the world of social media, you need to be aware of the possible enhancements that the site is developing and figure out how you can use them to create traffic to your articles.

Next, you need to create a profile which stands out and impressive. Through the creation of an impressive profile, you can attract the attention of other users and create an impression that you are a potential client. You can create an impressive profile by listing down your information such as your experience professionally, your expertise, your hobbies as well as the type of movies that you watch.

Then, you need to invite people in your network. You can do this by researching and inviting numerous and various potential clients because the idea here is to connect to a lot of people and create an interaction with them. You also need to make sure that people you’ve invited are active in the social media platform to maximize interaction.

After that, you build reputation. You can build your reputation by looking for your prospects who will click links that will lead them to your published articles online. If you can do this, your prospects will think that you are an expert in your field.

Finally, you can now focus your time in joining discussions relevant to your niche as well as offering your opinions and ensuring that your prospects will look up to you when they read your ideas.

Added “Maximum Number of Backlinks to Sell” Property

We have been receiving a lot of requests from our publishers to add an ability to set maximum number of backlinks they want to sell on their link pages.

As before we were working hard to make you happy and we finally added ability for our publishers to set and edit this value for any of their web pages in our inventory.

Previously the maximum number of backlinks was hardcoded and it was ten text links per page, which we thought was a reasonable number, but depending on circumstances owners of websites wanted to have this number flexible, so they could change it.

The default value for this parameter is still 10 and you will see new text input field when you add or edit link pages.

Please keep sending requests for new features to us, so we can improve our services.

Google Over-Optimized Penalty Overview

Everybody who is involved in internet marketing and search engine optimization has definitely heard about Google Panda algorithm and penalties associated with it. It has been talked about for so long, so people got used to it and in one way or another we are all trying to cope with it, hoping that bad times are behind us. But you know what? It is not over yet.

Now there is a big buzz going around the web that they are about to introduce new penalties for over optimized websites. It means that if you did what was said in SEO books even one year ago, you can end up in being penalized for it. We personally think that Google is becoming too obsessed as they have enough analytics already to recognize dodgy sites. It seems they behave like the one who could not get enough and want more and more until they end up with nothing. World is really need an alternative to this monopolized market, but until it is not there we have to play their game.

So, what they mean by over optimized websites? We will try to analyse it below.
First think you need to check is your title and description. Those are your face for all search engines. Take a careful look at them and make sure that you do not just list keywords there, especially if all of them contain the same short keyword in each of them. The idea is that your title and description should be targeting your readers, but not search engines. The main idea here is that users are more likely to click on meaningful titles rather than on keywords. And if you have already read our Google Panda Overview post, then you should know how important click through rate is.

Second thing you need to think about is your internal backlinks structure. We all know that this is a very important part of SEO and we all use it on our sites. But be careful and do not overdo it. There are a lot of websites there, which stuff their posts with a lot of links to internal pages; they want to rank higher in search engines. Now this is considered as not a very good practice. Try to limit this and add only one or two text links there or even skip them if you have other backlinks in your posts. Especially avoid adding the same link multiple times on the same webpage.
Another tip, related to it is to avoid multiple links in your footer. I believe everyone has seen websites with a lot of links to internal or external pages, hidden in the footer. Stop doing it and find another place for those links on your website. Also, you should not make those links of the similar colour as your background. We all know that the same colour is a huge NO-NO practice, so a lot of webmasters started to use similar colours as a workaround. So, from now on, consider it as NO-NO too, as if you are caught you can lose more then you have gained from it.

Third point is to avoid backlinks from private networks. We think that it is not really dangerous to get backlinks from those if they are placed correctly. You should avoid networks, which contain interlinked members of them, as they can be easily detected. Another type of networks to stay away from those, which claim that, they will place your article to multiple websites. No matter how good your spun article is, it is really impossible to spin the same text even ten times so it cannot be recognized as the same article by smart search engine crawlers. So, if you really want to use blog networks, then you should use those, which allow you to publish one or two posts for the same article. We are planning to open our own network, which we are using for promoting our websites. So, if you are interested, keep an eye on our blog for announcements.
The same tip is relevant for article marketing. Do not publish the same article to multiple article directories. This means you should avoid automated tools like article marketing robot or use them very carefully.

Last thing we want to talk about is a content of your website. One thing you need to stay away from is from adding text to your content, which is specifically dedicated to search engines. Quite often webmasters publish very useful content, which might be difficult to optimize for specific keywords and then they add a paragraph to that article, which is stuffed with keywords and not really beneficial from readers’ point of view. This is going another target for Google in the nearest future.
Another important tip for the content of your website is avoiding multiple webpages optimized for the same keywords. It is fine to have several of them as it can be difficult to avoid this completely if your website is targeting a small niche, but you must avoid having lots of pages optimized for slightly modified keyword terms.

To summarize this, we tried to give you a very brief overview of additional things you need to look at when creating and developing your websites, so you stay under the radar of search engines. You should use these techniques together with all the others; we talked about earlier, in our previous posts. If you follow our advice, you will definitely rank higher than your competition and more importantly, you will be on a safe side from being penalized by Google.

Do Not be Scared by Google Panda

SEOWe are still receiving a lot of questions with regards to Google Panda update and how to deal with it. We pretty much covered this topic in our Google Panda Overview post. If you have not read it, we strongly recommend doing this as soon as possible. There are a lot of buzz around the Internet about this topic, but is this really the topic you should read again and again?

It seems like most internet marketing, so-called gurus are trying to do the best to scare people around, so they can flog their products to them. Do you know that the most powerful marketing strategy is based on fear? If the person is scared to death, then it is very easy to sell them a solution, even though it is a very basic one. And you can charge that person a premium price for a method, which claims to help them.

Imagine a webmaster who had been working on a website for several months, who found their website dropping in major search engines. This pour guy will be an easy target for search engine optimization ‘specialists’, who are actually pure internet marketer and they just know how to push buttons to make their products sold. Do not fall into this trap!

If you read our post about new Google algorithm and write down all tips we provide there, you will see that we have not provided any new information there. You can get any good SEO related ebook and use it successfully to fight with this magic ‘Panda’. There is no silver bullet and it is not a rocket science. The only thing you need to do is to follow the rules of SEO game, set by Google.

It is very easy to fight back and return your positions in search engines if you follow our advice. We actually posted a case study on how we were able to help one of our clients, using backlinks in our inventory and adding good quality content on their website. You can read about it in What Kind of Backlinks You Should Buy Today article.

Of cause, if you have a crappy web site and it dropped in ranking, you will have to spend more time to re-gain ranking back, as you will need to publish more great content on it. In the modern world, this website would not be just de-ranked, but it would be more likely de-indexed. If this happens, than we do not think you will be able to get it back into Google. The only chance to do this would be to add content and then re-submit it for review. But there is a big risk that you would not be approved and you will lose your content. There are some other tricks you can try, like getting aged domains and redirecting them to your banned site, but it also does not work as well as before.

So, if your web property has dropped in ranking, but was not de-indexed, then, there is a big chance you can get it back to the top. But do not use any dark or blackhat methods. Do not spam comments and generate tons of profiles with backlinks to it. These methods will not really help, but they can actually harm you in a bad way. You can use these techniques carefully, but only after you have returned your positions in search engines. Below we will remind you what we would do and what we actually do today for our clients.

Steps To Get Search Engin Ranking Back

  1. CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. We want to emphasise again how important good quality content today. This content should not be short as 500 words in one article is not really enough anymore. You should try to make your articles of 1000 words or longer. Having this content, you will outrank most of your competition as they are still using fiverr and other cheap sources for their websites.
  2. Backlinks. We can talk for hours here and will not come to a conclusion on what exactly you should do here. All methods are great (we are not talking about blackhat methods). Articles are great source for backlinks. Social media websites are also great. If you have tried to use those methods, you will know that they are very time consuming. We use those methods and we create, probably from 10% to 20% of those links to our clients’ web pages. The rest are backlinks, which they buy in our inventory. We just do this for them or advise them on what types of text links we would advise them to purchase and they do it themselves.


So far, this methods works great for our clients and you can try it too. Just remember, that you need to have good quality backlinks coming to your quality content. If you do this properly, then you will be fine and new Google algorithm updates will not bother you. So, instead of buying a product from next Search Engine Optimization guru, better spend that money on quality content and backlinks as you will not learn anything new there.

We are hoping that this article was useful and that you have more confidence and knowledge now. Do not be scared, but do what you need to do to stay on the top.

We will continue to monitor trends, which are happening around the web and especially in SEO world and will continue publish updates and our views on that.

When Search Engine Index Your Backlinks

Recently we have been receiving a lot of questions similar to this one:

“We checked backlinks, using different backlinks checker tools and we could not see links, which we bought on your website. Why we cannot see them there?”

The answer to this question is very simple. Those backlinks have not been picked up by those tools as they do not update their databases very often. Let’s take opensiteexplorer backlinks checker tool. They clearly state that they update their database every thirty days or even less often. The situation with Majestic SEO is a little bit better, but still they do not update their base very often too.

You also need to remember that their capacity is much less than Google’s and they simply might miss some of websites during their crawling process.

The most accurate tool out there would be would be Google Webmaster Tools, which can be found here: You can also try similar tool from Bing, as it is former Yahoo SiteExplorer and should be good for text links checking.

But even if you use all of these tools, backlinks do not appear their instantaneously. It takes time even for big boys to update their data.

But is you are still desperately want to make sure that your links are visible by major search engines, than give it one week or two, then go to Google and search for site:in it. Once you have found a page, which should contain your link in it and hover mouse over it, so a screenshot of the page appears on the right hand site, like this:

After that click on ‘Cached’ link, to see what Google has in their cache and when its cache was updated last time. You link will be definitely there if the cache has been updated after you had bought a backlink.

You might ask why it takes so long for the link to appear in Google’s cache. And the answer is very simple – ‘Panda’. Remember we wrote an article Google Panda Overview, where we gave a brief description of the new algorithm Google uses and what you should do to be compliant with it? As this algorithm is quite complex, Google does not update their database in the rush, but it takes time to carefully analyse all the pages and backlinks.

What we would advise you is not to rush and cancel backlinks you already have, but give them between two to four weeks to get indexed and then decide whether you want to remove them or not.

Another reason, why we would not recommend cancelling your links very often is that if backlinks to your websites appear and disappear very often, then it will not be good for your ranking as it will look suspicious for major search engines.

Just to finish this quick post, we would like to tell you, that we use our marketplace to promote websites for our clients and most of them are on the first page of Google for multiple keywords and they have been there for years now. What we do is occasionally add couple of links to keep them there. Even if a website, which has our backlink on it drops in PageRank, we still keep our links there as removing those would give a signal that something was wrong with that link, as this usually happens with link exchanged or bought links.

We also want to emphasize that we mainly use site wide text links or context links, including site wide context links. Over time these types of links proved to be the most efficient. The reason behind it is that if your link is surrounded by relevant text, it has more value. Another reason is, that site wide links have more value as it shows to search engines that there might be a good value in the referred website as the owner of this one decided to place a text link to it on all their pages.

This is it for today. So summarize all said we would say, buy relevant backlinks, try to use site wide and context links, including context site wide backlinks. Give it some time for your backlinks to get indexed. Do not cancel links too soon and do not do it as soon as PageRank of a page linking to your web site has dropped as this gives bad signals to search engines.

We hope this post has clarified some things for you. As before, we ask you for your feedback, so we can improve our services.

Buying Backlinks is Easier Now

We have been receiving a lot of requests to make it clearer when buying text links as some of our advertisers were confused what type of links they were purchasing. As usually, we have taken your feedbacks into account and added a new menu item, called ‘Buy Backlinks’, where you can select what kind of backlinks you want to buy.

You can still go to ‘My Target Pages’ and click on ‘Add Links’ button to buy backlinks. If you do so, then you will be able to search for any types of text links there as before. You can still filter link pages out from that page, by selecting appropriate link type property.

We hope this will help our advertisers to find link pages they are really looking for.

Just a reminder on types of backlinks you can currently buy on our website:

  1. Simple text links – these are links, which represent a simple text link with anchor text only
  2. Site wide text links – simple text links, which are available on all pages of a website
  3. Context links – simple text link embedded in a sentence or a paragraph
  4. Site wide context links – context links, which are visible on all web pages of a particular website

Please remember about the differences here as we have noticed that quite a few advertisers use context links as usual simple text links. Doing this, they are not benefiting from having a backlink embedded into a relevant content and these are the links, which brings the most value to your website. We are not saying that you should use context links only, as you should definitely use different types of backlinks. What we are trying to say here is when you buy context links, take all form it and surround you link with a relevant text.

We hope this information was useful and we are looking forward for your feedback.

Comprehensive Guide to Link Building

So you’ve got yourself a web site and you’re interested in gaining it some traffic for whatever reason. Many webmasters knows how difficult of a task this can be if the appropriate paths are not taken. Most webmasters out there also know how important traffic is to a web site’s popularity and therefore its success. Traffic doesn’t create itself, which is why as a webmaster, you’ll need to create some yourself. While there are many ways to draw traffic to your web site, through things like unique content and competitive deals, many of these still don’t work efficiently as they don’t magically draw attention to your web site if you don’t have others willing to do that for you. You’ll have to establish relationships with other webmasters in order to redirect some of their traffic your way so that you can benefit from it through the gaining of new regular visitors, sales, or whatever else. That, or you can simply buy your way to some extra traffic as many people choose to do instead of going through the hassle of establishing relationships and creating unique content to make them eligible for submission to various online media sources. We’ll get more into that later on in this guide, but for now I’ll start with explaining the process of building and buying backlinks.

Directing traffic to your own web site is accomplished through others backlinking to content hosted on your own web site. The process of gaining incoming links to your own web site is referred to as “link building”. Link building is crucial for newer web sites to gain traffic and work their way to success, and has been heavily practiced for this reason for many years. Taking part in link building usually involves having to also display outgoing links to other web sites on your own web site in exchange for having your web site linked to on theirs, which is a small price to pay for the extremely valuable traffic that you can gain from link building. Unfortunately, having a relatively new and unpopular web site is not very favourable when exchanging links with other webmasters. Not too many of them are fond of the idea of you gaining a potentially large amount of traffic while they gain next to none, so they will most likely turn down your request to exchange links. This is why, when starting off with link building, it is almost necessary to be willing to invest some money into it. This way, you can buy backlinks to your web site to start you off with some traffic, and then engage in link exchanges once you have a decent amount. Don’t be worried, though – investing some money in the purchasing of backlinks won’t bankrupt you. The most you should be spending is a couple of hundred dollars, and even that is quite excessive. Go beyond that into the thousands, and you’re either getting severely ripped off or you’re buying way more backlinks than you need to be. The best thing to do is to create a budget for yourself to determine the maximum amount of money that you’re willing to spend on backlinks, and then browse through different offerings to find a service that will be able to closely match that budget.

It is important to buy backlinks as a start when deciding to get into link building for a number of reasons. When it comes to doing business online, it is usually truer that you get what you pay for than in the real world. Investing just a little bit of money into buying some backlinks could gain you massive amounts of traffic. However, to ensure that this is the end result, you must stick to a few rules and guidelines when buying backlinks. Firstly, you must make sure that the web site that will be providing the backlinks doesn’t have a substantial amount of other outgoing links to other web sites. If it has more than 50, then your best bet is to stay away, as the chance of your backlink getting clicked diminishes with each additional outgoing link on that web site. It’s usually that you’ll get better deals with web sites that have a lot of outgoing links, but you’d be doing yourself a favor by spending a bit of extra money as doing so will end up paying out in traffic, and that’s the whole point to begin with.

Another thing you’ll want to make sure of is that you choose at least three different anchor text words/phrases per 100 of your backlinks. If you’re unaware, anchor text is the term used to describe clickable text, part of a hyperlink to another web page. You’ll also want a good majority of your anchor text to contain the main keyword relating to your web site, with other relevant keywords mixed in as well. This is important for search engine optimization purposes, another highly necessary component of gaining your web site its traffic. Also, when choosing to buy backlinks from a web site or service that sets you up with web sites that do the backlinking, do your best to choose web sites that are at least somewhat relevant to the content of your own. You’re not going to want to buy backlinks from a web site that sells clothing when your own site is about PC gaming, for example. Another good idea to follow is to include some unique content along with your backlinks if you’re able to. This can include a short article or description of your web site/page, although this is not always necessary, as many web sites do not allow for any content aside from the backlink itself to be displayed. Lastly, make sure that you only purchase backlinks from popular web sites in terms of traffic and search engine ranking. Before committing to your purchase, check out the web site’s Google Page Rank and other related statistics to ensure that your web site is getting the type of exposure that you’re paying good money for. Following these guidelines will help you make the best possible decisions when buying backlinks to draw some traffic to your web site. Since you’ll be trading cash for traffic, rather than traffic for traffic, there is a much higher need for gaining results and that’s why you must be much stricter in your choices until you can engage in link exchanges.

If you don’t have the money to invest into buying backlinks, though, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty other link building methods that won’t cost you anything and could potentially gain you the same amount of success that buying backlinks could. However, going this route will likely cost you a lot more time and effort, and can’t guarantee you the same results that buying backlinks could. Some of these other link building techniques include getting your web site listed in things like e-zines, directories, newsletters, and other related online media content. While these will certainly help at least a bit in bringing some traffic to your web site, they most likely won’t even come close to reciprocal link exchanges and backlink purchases in terms of traffic gained and in the case of being featured in things like e-zines even require extra work out of you in the form of written articles. Obviously, the goal is to minimize the amount of work that you’ll have to do as much as possible, which is why it is best to avoid these link building methods unless absolutely necessary. One way to avoid too much extra work, while link building for free is to submit your web site to directories, which are basically collections of web sites with similar content. Many directories offer free submission, and can gain you quite a bit of traffic as long as you stick to directories that are relevant to your own web site’s content. Relevance is always extremely important, as users tend to follow links that will bring them to similar content rather than content that is completely unrelated to the web site/directory that they’re visiting. Directories are also quite important as they’re often seen as a valuable source for related web sites and draw a lot of traffic themselves. Submitting your web site to a directory is usually free, and doing so can be highly beneficial in many ways. Being listed in an online directory can increase your chances of getting picked up by various search engines, as well as ranking more highly on those search engines. In the end, it just increases the amount of incoming traffic to your web site, and that’s exactly what you want: hassle-free link building. Directories are also very valuable because you usually won’t have to offer anything in return (unless there is a fee involved with submitting to one).

No matter which road you decide to take, though, just know how important and potentially beneficial link building can be. Being successful in practicing link building will mean gaining legitimate, meaningful traffic from relevant sources and in turn an increase in sales (if you are selling anything on your web site, in which case link building becomes the most helpful). Link building will also boost your web site’s general visibility and popularity, as long as high quality traffic continues to come In on a regular basis. Lastly, link building does wonders for your web site on the many popular search engines such as Google, by eventually boosting your Page Rank and overall general search results ranking for certain keywords, phrases, etc.

If you want your web site to see some success on the Internet, you’ll have to earn that success. The amount of traffic that a successful web site needs doesn’t come free, or even cheap. A lot of work and/or money goes into transforming a new web site into one that has thousands (or even millions) of visitors every day. Imagine the impact that would have on your own web site and use that as motivation to start link building in the most efficient way possible so that having that kind of traffic in the future becomes a real possibility. Of course, link building alone isn’t going to get you there – you’ll need some unique content or products/services that will attract even more visitors once the traffic starts flowing from directories, partnered web sites, or whoever you’re conducting your link building business with. One thing is for sure though: link building is the biggest stepping stone for taking your web site to the level of potential greatness, and is as relevant today as it has been for many years. Hopefully this guide has helped you understand the extreme importance of link building and driving traffic to your web site. Continue to build links in the various ways outlined here and you’ll get your web site to the status it deserves to be at in no time.

What Kind of Backlinks You Should Buy Today

There have been a lot of discussions whether it is safe or not to buy backlinks. And there are two camps. Webmasters say that you should not buy text links. The second group says that you should. To be honest, neither of them is right, but we tend to think that you can use payable one way links to improve your search engine ranking, even after Google Panda update. To prove it we have completed several tests with several websites of our clients, which were dropped in ranking, using links in our inventory only. The results were quite amazing.

One of websites had couple of dozen pages ranked on the first page of Google for very competitive keywords. About a month and a half ago the whole website dropped in ranking and instead of being in the top of SERP, they all had positions between 100 and 500. Sounds very familiar in the modern post Panda SEO world? Of cause the owner of the website panicked and did not know what to do with it and asked us for help. So, here is the story.

If you read our earlier post about new Google algorithm and how to avoid to be penalized, then you will know that there are actually two main very simple steps to follow:

  1. Add new quality content regularly.
  2. Build backlinks to your website.

Let’s covet both of these steps separately.

Content Writing

In terms of content writing we decided not to start aggressively write and publish articles on a daily basis. Instead we were publishing one article a week. Each article was completely unique, so do not use spun content even if it pass copyscape check, as it is not safe now. The average size of each article was between 1000 and 1500 words per article.

Keep in mind days of 300-500 words articles have gone. You can still use those for article marketing, but, you should not use such short articles on your own website. You cannot really put any useful content, which visitors of your website will enjoy reading and find it useful in such a short article.

Let’s summarize what we have actually done with the content. We simply started to update the website regularly and have been publishing one quality article per week. We did this, just to prove that quality of the content is more important than quantity. It does not mean that you should not write articles more often. If you have a capacity, then do so, as this will only help you in a long run.


Now to the interesting part – text links. To prove that purchased backlinks can work as good as free links we used only first types of links and used links only available in our database. It is worth saying that we did not really use single page simple text links. Instead we were using only site-wide backlinks, both context and simple. We also used regular context backlinks. To be honest we also used a couple of guest post feature, which is in a beta testing process at the moment and will be available soon for our users, but still the majority of backlinks we used in our link building process were text links, which are already available to our advertisers.

So, here is what we actually did. We were buying site wide text links ads both context and simple, on a weekly basis, with a pretty low pace (just 2-3 backlinks a week). So far we have built about 10-15 backlinks and we were really surprized with the results we achieved. The website of our client did not just return its positions, but it actually jumped even higher. This small test showed that you can beat Panda with the paid backlinks.

So, let’s summarize what we did in terms of link building:

  1. Buy site-wide backlinks. We were using both simple site-wide test links and context site wide links, to put our backlink within a short relevant content on as many pages as possible. The reason why we used site-wide text links is that they look very natural. Another reason why we prefer to buy site-wide backlinks is that it has better ROI as if you bought text links on the same website separately, it would cost you more if you sum up prices for each text link there.
  2. We also used normal, single page context links as they look natural too.
  3. All links were placed on websites with PR3-PR5. Again, site-wide links help to avoid backlinks to appear only on pages with high page rank, as websites usually have a lot of PR0 webpages too.
  4. We were aiming to get links on websites with page authority higher than 20.
  5. Build links regularly and with a small pace. It does not mean that you should not buy 10 of them on a daily basis, but this process should be spread over time. If you aim is to have 1000 backlinks, then you can buy text links with a higher pace, but do not buy hundreds of backlinks in one day.



Actually, this is pretty it. There is no rocket science in what we did. You should simply add fresh quality content to your site and build quality backlinks. Both of these components will help you in ranking your website higher in today’s environment. So, simply follow these steps and you will be fine. It does not mean that you should not use other methods and SEO strategies, like social marketing, article marketing, videos etc. They all will help, but we just wanted to prove that even simple strategy can help you to achieve great results.

Added Default Prices for Backlinks

As you know we are working very hard to make our services better for both publishers and advertisers. Most of you might have noticed that we added an ability to change prices for backlinks sold on publishers’ link pages.

But there was still a limitation that the price would stay the same no matter what happens with PageRank of the page. What that meant is that if PageRank increases and the price for backlinks is not changed, that page would have an underestimated price for text links on it. And vice versa, if PageRank for a particular link page drops, then the price for it could be too high, so advertisers will never decide to buy text link ads on that page.

To address this concern we decided to add default pricing feature, which would allow our publishers to define prices depending on PageRank changes. This feature will allow backlink prices to reflect PageRank changes. Please note, that this does not change the price for existing links. We are considering adding this feature, but as it can open a lot of ways for abusing the system, we are thinking about the best ways of doing this.

So, let’s discuss how this feature works.
First thing you need to do is to set default prices by navigating to Link Pages -> Default Pricing page in your members’ area.

You will see that we have default prices already set there for you. If you do not agree with with those, then you can edit and save them.

You will also see that from now on when you add a new link page there is a new check box appeared on that page, saying ‘Use default prices’. If you check it the default pricing model will be used for the new page you are going to add to our system. The same checkbox is available when you edit your existing pages, so if you want to use default pricing for web pages, which are already in our database, you can edit them to enable this option.
In case if you have a lot of link pages and want to use default pricing for all of them you can get in touch with our support and ask them to enable this option for all your pages.

As before we will appreciate if you let us know about any issues with this new feature and provide us with the information on anything you would like to see on our website.