Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hey guys,

First of all, we want to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We have not posted for quite some time now and are very sorry about it.
This is due to some other projects we have been working on and, which we are planning to release next year.
We are sure that you will love them once they are live.

2013 year was very exciting and successful for us, but we know that many of you have been struggling with Google.

Many people even stopped doing business online, but we believe that it is not as bad as people think. Our links still work and all websites we are looking after and, which use links from our inventory are still live.

As you might have heard, Google penalized multiple websites, including well-known names there. We believe that this was due to obvious code they were using for links embedding.

We also have an ability to embed links automatically and we are proud to say that our code has never been broken by search engines.

As you also know we allow manual link placement and to go further, we will allow our advertisers to filter out sites, using additional criteria, so they can pick only manual or only auto link placement types.

We are not going to hide the fact that manual links are the safest ones and that if you want to be on a safe side 100%, you will need to buy backlinks with manual link placement.

But again, we use both types of backlinks for our own projects and none of them have been banned or delisted.

It is all about how you do your backlinking and about the quality of your sites.

It seems that we went a bit in a wrong direction here as originally we just wanted to wish you all the best in the New Year!

We are sure that you will be successful and will see your site in the tops of the major search engines.

All the Best!
Backlinks4U Team!

Migration to a Dedicated Server

We are very glad to anounce that we have finally migrated to a more powerful dedicated server.

We started to notice some performance degradation about a month ago, but it was getting worse. So, it became obvious that we had to migrate to a new server.

We planned it very carefully, so there was none or a very limited distruption time for our services.

What we achieved is, we were able to avoid any downtime for the operational part of the site, which is responsible for feeding links to our publishers’ websites.

All requests were redirected from our old server to a new one, so there was almost no downtime for the user experience.

We are hoping that you will enjoy our faster working website.

As usually, we are asking you to let us know if you see any issues with our website, so we can fix it asap.

It has been almost a week now and we are pleased to see that so far there have not been any issues with our website.

So, we are hoping that you will keep enjoying our services as we are working very hard to satisfy your needs.

We know that if you have a successful business with our help, than you will stay longer with us.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions and thank you for buying and selling backlinks and text link ads with us.

Added “Maximum Number of Backlinks to Sell” Property

We have been receiving a lot of requests from our publishers to add an ability to set maximum number of backlinks they want to sell on their link pages.

As before we were working hard to make you happy and we finally added ability for our publishers to set and edit this value for any of their web pages in our inventory.

Previously the maximum number of backlinks was hardcoded and it was ten text links per page, which we thought was a reasonable number, but depending on circumstances owners of websites wanted to have this number flexible, so they could change it.

The default value for this parameter is still 10 and you will see new text input field when you add or edit link pages.

Please keep sending requests for new features to us, so we can improve our services.

Buying Backlinks is Easier Now

We have been receiving a lot of requests to make it clearer when buying text links as some of our advertisers were confused what type of links they were purchasing. As usually, we have taken your feedbacks into account and added a new menu item, called ‘Buy Backlinks’, where you can select what kind of backlinks you want to buy.

You can still go to ‘My Target Pages’ and click on ‘Add Links’ button to buy backlinks. If you do so, then you will be able to search for any types of text links there as before. You can still filter link pages out from that page, by selecting appropriate link type property.

We hope this will help our advertisers to find link pages they are really looking for.

Just a reminder on types of backlinks you can currently buy on our website:

  1. Simple text links – these are links, which represent a simple text link with anchor text only
  2. Site wide text links – simple text links, which are available on all pages of a website
  3. Context links – simple text link embedded in a sentence or a paragraph
  4. Site wide context links – context links, which are visible on all web pages of a particular website

Please remember about the differences here as we have noticed that quite a few advertisers use context links as usual simple text links. Doing this, they are not benefiting from having a backlink embedded into a relevant content and these are the links, which brings the most value to your website. We are not saying that you should use context links only, as you should definitely use different types of backlinks. What we are trying to say here is when you buy context links, take all form it and surround you link with a relevant text.

We hope this information was useful and we are looking forward for your feedback.

Added Default Prices for Backlinks

As you know we are working very hard to make our services better for both publishers and advertisers. Most of you might have noticed that we added an ability to change prices for backlinks sold on publishers’ link pages.

But there was still a limitation that the price would stay the same no matter what happens with PageRank of the page. What that meant is that if PageRank increases and the price for backlinks is not changed, that page would have an underestimated price for text links on it. And vice versa, if PageRank for a particular link page drops, then the price for it could be too high, so advertisers will never decide to buy text link ads on that page.

To address this concern we decided to add default pricing feature, which would allow our publishers to define prices depending on PageRank changes. This feature will allow backlink prices to reflect PageRank changes. Please note, that this does not change the price for existing links. We are considering adding this feature, but as it can open a lot of ways for abusing the system, we are thinking about the best ways of doing this.

So, let’s discuss how this feature works.
First thing you need to do is to set default prices by navigating to Link Pages -> Default Pricing page in your members’ area.

You will see that we have default prices already set there for you. If you do not agree with with those, then you can edit and save them.

You will also see that from now on when you add a new link page there is a new check box appeared on that page, saying ‘Use default prices’. If you check it the default pricing model will be used for the new page you are going to add to our system. The same checkbox is available when you edit your existing pages, so if you want to use default pricing for web pages, which are already in our database, you can edit them to enable this option.
In case if you have a lot of link pages and want to use default pricing for all of them you can get in touch with our support and ask them to enable this option for all your pages.

As before we will appreciate if you let us know about any issues with this new feature and provide us with the information on anything you would like to see on our website.

It is Possible to Change Price for Backlinks Now

We have been receiving a lot of requests from our publishers to add a possibility to change a price for backlinks. Previously, it was possible to change the price by sending a request to our support, which was very inconvenient. The reason behind this was to prevent fraud. As we transfer money from advertisers to publishers on a daily basis, having this feature available, could result to ‘bad’ publishers to change the price e.g. from $1 to $1000, so advertiser would have to pay 1000 times more for a backlink on a particular link page.

Many of our users might have noticed that now it is possible to change the price for a text links for existing link pages, so there is no need to send requests to the support to do so. At the same time, to protect our advertisers, the price change will not affect original price for one way backlinks bought on that link page. If, by any reason, publisher wants to change price for existing links, it still has to go via support, so we can approve that change and notify advertisers about it in advance.

We hope you will appreciate this change. We are also hoping to receive more feedback from our users, so we can improve our system.

Buy Site-Wide Backlinks

We have been asked many times to add an ability to buy sitewide text links, so we have worked hard to add this ability for our advertisers.
Now you can buy four types of backlinks, which are listed below:

  • Simple text links
  • Context links
  • Site-wide simple text links
  • Site-wide context links

To learn more about buyind sitewide backlinks, read our how to buy backlinks guide, which explains all the steps you need to follow to buy different types of text links.

Link Text Changes

Recently we have had a lot of requests to make it possible to amend anchor textsfor existing backlinks.

We have added this ability, so when you view text links to your target page, you can simply click on existing link text and this will initiate inplace editor, so you can update text for the selected backlink.

At the monment this is done for ‘text links’ only and we will add this feature for ‘context links’ shortly.