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Added “Maximum Number of Backlinks to Sell” Property

We have been receiving a lot of requests from our publishers to add an ability to set maximum number of backlinks they want to sell on their link pages.

As before we were working hard to make you happy and we finally added ability for our publishers to set and edit this value for any of their web pages in our inventory.

Previously the maximum number of backlinks was hardcoded and it was ten text links per page, which we thought was a reasonable number, but depending on circumstances owners of websites wanted to have this number flexible, so they could change it.

The default value for this parameter is still 10 and you will see new text input field when you add or edit link pages.

Please keep sending requests for new features to us, so we can improve our services.

Added Default Prices for Backlinks

As you know we are working very hard to make our services better for both publishers and advertisers. Most of you might have noticed that we added an ability to change prices for backlinks sold on publishers’ link pages.

But there was still a limitation that the price would stay the same no matter what happens with PageRank of the page. What that meant is that if PageRank increases and the price for backlinks is not changed, that page would have an underestimated price for text links on it. And vice versa, if PageRank for a particular link page drops, then the price for it could be too high, so advertisers will never decide to buy text link ads on that page.

To address this concern we decided to add default pricing feature, which would allow our publishers to define prices depending on PageRank changes. This feature will allow backlink prices to reflect PageRank changes. Please note, that this does not change the price for existing links. We are considering adding this feature, but as it can open a lot of ways for abusing the system, we are thinking about the best ways of doing this.

So, let’s discuss how this feature works.
First thing you need to do is to set default prices by navigating to Link Pages -> Default Pricing page in your members’ area.

You will see that we have default prices already set there for you. If you do not agree with with those, then you can edit and save them.

You will also see that from now on when you add a new link page there is a new check box appeared on that page, saying ‘Use default prices’. If you check it the default pricing model will be used for the new page you are going to add to our system. The same checkbox is available when you edit your existing pages, so if you want to use default pricing for web pages, which are already in our database, you can edit them to enable this option.
In case if you have a lot of link pages and want to use default pricing for all of them you can get in touch with our support and ask them to enable this option for all your pages.

As before we will appreciate if you let us know about any issues with this new feature and provide us with the information on anything you would like to see on our website.

Manual Links Validation Fix

There was a small problem with backlinks validation for links with spaces before or/and after ‘=’ sign in href attribute. Now links with the following format are validated properly: <a href = “http://yourdomain.com”>link text</a>. Please note that this was important for link pages with manual text links placement.

Please, let us know if you want any other improvements or features to be added.