Buying Backlinks is Easier Now

Buying Backlinks is Easier Now

We have been receiving a lot of requests to make it clearer when buying text links as some of our advertisers were confused what type of links they were purchasing. As usually, we have taken your feedbacks into account and added a new menu item, called ‘Buy Backlinks’, where you can select what kind of backlinks you want to buy.

You can still go to ‘My Target Pages’ and click on ‘Add Links’ button to buy backlinks. If you do so, then you will be able to search for any types of text links there as before. You can still filter link pages out from that page, by selecting appropriate link type property.

We hope this will help our advertisers to find link pages they are really looking for.

Just a reminder on types of backlinks you can currently buy on our website:

  1. Simple text links – these are links, which represent a simple text link with anchor text only
  2. Site wide text links – simple text links, which are available on all pages of a website
  3. Context links – simple text link embedded in a sentence or a paragraph
  4. Site wide context links – context links, which are visible on all web pages of a particular website

Please remember about the differences here as we have noticed that quite a few advertisers use context links as usual simple text links. Doing this, they are not benefiting from having a backlink embedded into a relevant content and these are the links, which brings the most value to your website. We are not saying that you should use context links only, as you should definitely use different types of backlinks. What we are trying to say here is when you buy context links, take all form it and surround you link with a relevant text.

We hope this information was useful and we are looking forward for your feedback.

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