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Migration to a Dedicated Server

We are very glad to anounce that we have finally migrated to a more powerful dedicated server.

We started to notice some performance degradation about a month ago, but it was getting worse. So, it became obvious that we had to migrate to a new server.

We planned it very carefully, so there was none or a very limited distruption time for our services.

What we achieved is, we were able to avoid any downtime for the operational part of the site, which is responsible for feeding links to our publishers’ websites.

All requests were redirected from our old server to a new one, so there was almost no downtime for the user experience.

We are hoping that you will enjoy our faster working website.

As usually, we are asking you to let us know if you see any issues with our website, so we can fix it asap.

It has been almost a week now and we are pleased to see that so far there have not been any issues with our website.

So, we are hoping that you will keep enjoying our services as we are working very hard to satisfy your needs.

We know that if you have a successful business with our help, than you will stay longer with us.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions and thank you for buying and selling backlinks and text link ads with us.