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Best Place to Buy Backlinks

Everybody who is interested in purchasing links asks the same question, – where is the best place to buy backlinks. This is a fare question and there are many different places where you can do it.

Why this is the Best Place to Buy Backlinks

When considering a link broker you should ask yourself a question whether you clearly understand your criteria for text link you are looking for. In most cases people do not really know what they are looking for. They just decided that they want to purchase links and now they are looking for the best place to buy backlinks.

This is a very bad approach, as you need to know what type of backlinks you want to get. You need to know whether it is simple text links, you are looking for; or maybe it should be content or site-wide links. This is a very important question and this will help to narrow your search.

Other criteria for a link broker would be an ability to search for links, using different search engine optimization parameters, like PageRank, Alexa Rank, SEOMoz Rank, Page Authority and others. At Backlinks4U.Com we provide you with this ability, so you can find backlinks, which would suit your needs.

Last but not least thing you need to consider when picking a link broker is the payment method they use and whether it suits you. The level of support they provide and how quickly they respond to your queries. To check this, simply ask several questions regarding purchasing backlinks with them and see how quickly they will come back to you and how thorough their response is.

Those are the main things you should consider when picking a text links broker.

Backlinks4U.Com is the Best Place to Buy Backlinks

In this section, we will give you a brief description of why we think you should consider using our website for paid text link ads.

  • You can register free account and browse our inventory to see if there is any fit for you.
  • You can use our comprehensive search mechanism to filter backlinks based on multiple parameters, like hosting country, PR, page authority, price etc.
  • Never lose money in our system. We designed our system in a way, so nobody loses money in it. We charge our advertisers on a daily basis instead of charging them for a month in advance. What it means is that if there is a link, that costs $30 and there are 30 days in that month, the advertiser will be charged $1 per day for this link. This gives advertisers a flexibility to cancel links that do not work without losing money.
  • We have 24/7 email support and we come back to our clients within 24 hours.

There are other benefits, which are available to our clients as well.

If you are interested in reading more about how our system works for advertisers and publishers, you can go through frequently asked questions here:

Best Place to Buy Backlinks Summary

I hope that this article clarifies most of the aspects of the question and that you can now make knowledgeable decisions when searching for a link broker. The question where is the best place to buy backlinks is mainly relevant to you and the best place for somebody can be the worst place for you as you can have completely different goal. So, think again, about what you need and do it.

If you are interested in trying our system, that you can register in it by CLICKING HERE

To Buy or Not to Buy Backlinks

We receive many questions whether paid links still work or not. We want to assure you that they do still work and there was an article on where they were talking about them. They clearly said there that paid links still work. Of cause, they mentioned several reasons why you should not buy backlinks, but most of those are related to low quality pages from which some webmasters buy links and to the number of outbound backlinks on those pages.

Those who do not want to pay for text link ads will support that article and will see only negatives there. However, to us it really sounds very positive as they confirmed that getting backlinks buy paying for them is still working great. Moreover, we have a lot of proof from our clients’ and from our own experience.

Think about it. What is the difference between paid backlinks and not paid backlink? How search engines can determine this? If you do it properly, there is no way Google or any other search engines can recognize them. The only exception is when link brokers generate them in the same, ‘unnatural’ way. Some of them do it by creating table tags, which is not usual e.g. to see such kind of links on WordPress blogs. Some of them validate their link box code without any security etc. We are proud to say that we use a comprehensive mechanism for validating our links and offer manual link placements.

But as we have said it many times before, paid links cannot be harmful. Think about it again. What if you wanted to get rid of your competitors? You could go an buy tons of low quality backlinks to point to them. Will it harm them? The answer is NO. If it was true then everybody would be doing this.

In addition, what is the difference if you get a paid backlinks or a free one? There is actually none. The only difference is the quality of the page from which you are getting it. So, the main thing to remember about when you buy backlinks or even when you are getting it for free is to check the quality of the website and the page from which you are getting it.

This is the reason why we are collecting additional information about pages we have in our inventory.

To summarize what has been said in this article we can say that the bottom line is that all links still work and paid links too. The main thing is to look carefully at the pages you are getting backlinks from.

How to Use Paid Backlinks for Offline Services

Sorry, that we have not been posting for quite some time now. We will try to change this and to provide you with new useful information more often.

Today we decided to shed some light on how we and our close partners use links in our inventory to promote websites of small offline businesses, like dentists, accountants, lawyers, restaurants, etc.

Probably we are not going to say anything new here, but we hope that this post will be useful for some of our regular readers.

First rule is that you should not use only paid links, but you should mix them with other link building strategies, like Web 2.0 properties, link exchange, article marketing, etc. Having said this, your paid backlinks can, actually, bring the most value and link juice to your website. The best thing about paid backlinks is that you can find high quality websites, willing to place your links on their pages in one place, which saves a lot of time. We prefer to spend our time on finding new clients and expanding our business rather than spending it on sending hundreds of emails, proposing link exchange or guest posting.

Second rule is that you should not buy all backlinks in one go. This process should be spread evenly over time period. You do not want search engines to see a number of backlinks jump up in one day and then to stop growing. They should see that people keep adding backlinks to your website, which will increase its authority.

Third rule is pretty obvious. You should buy backlinks on relevant websites or on websites in related niches.

Next rule is to try buying links on pages with high page rank and with high page authority. At the same time, you should not buy text links only on pages with very high authority as this will look unnatural. You should also include links with lower page rank and authority in the list of backlinks to your websites.

Finally, we would advise you to try to get contextual, site wide or contextual site wide backlinks. Over time, these types of one way links proved to be the most efficient.

We know that a lot of webmasters afraid to use paid backlinks and nobody can blame them for it. There have been a lot of PR and marketing campaigns against them. But let us show you one example. Imagine that there is an annoying competitor’s website, ranking always higher than yours. What would you do if the statement that your site can be banned for purchased backlinks was true? Exactly, you would go and buy backlinks from tons of low quality websites to make your competitor banned, would not you? So, if it was that easy, than it would allow people to cheat on the system again and again.

There is really should be much more for a website to be banned. And remember that if a website due to be banned, it is usually done manually by a physical person, who would analyse this website and if there is a lot of rubbish content and rubbish backlinks, that it will be a perfect candidate for a ban.

Lastly we want to say that none of the websites, we have been promoting, using our inventory, have been banned or de-indexed. So, now it is really up to you whether you want to waste your time or save it for expanding your business or for spending it with your family. It is up to you. On our side we will answer any questions you probably have.

If you decide to try paid backlinks, you can start really small and to see whether this is working for you. Our system does not charge advertisers for a whole month in advance, so if they decide to cancel links earlier, they will only pay for the time when backlink was physically live. So, there is no reason not to try us. If you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask our support for any assistance you need.

Why To Buy Backlinks

There are a lot of debates around this topic and we are also getting questions about why would you buy backlinks? Quite often webmasters think that they are paying too much for text link ads, but they should really think about it in a completely different way.

When you pay for backlinks, you are actually buying a position in search engine results (SERP). So, depending on your niche you can estimate how much a position on the first page of Google or other search engine can bring you in revenue, so you can set a budget for your link building campaign. So, do not think about backlinks purchase as about simple link buying technique, but you are actually buying a position in SERP.

Second most frequent question we get is whether a website, which has bought links is going to be banned or not. The correct answer would be – it is not going to be banned because of bought links. If it was the case, than it would be very easy to get rid of your competition. Simply go and buy text links and you are goint to get rid of your compettitor. This is not the case. There are many factors to get your website banned and the main one would be to have a trash content on your website, then it would be spamy backlinks to your site, which are coming from websites with bad content or links, which look spammy, like massive blog comments, profiles etc.

Another thing, which can mark your website to be banned, is a huge number of one way links to appear in a short period of time. So, if you buy text link ads or build backlinks in a different way, make sure you spread this process over time, so number of backlinks to your website grows gradually.

Last thing we would like to add is that having investigated different tolls, which simulate how Google and other search engines try to identify bought backlinks we noticed that it is more chance to be cought if you buy simple text links on separate pages of a website and it looks more natural, when you have context links or site wide links instead. Because of this we added a capability to buy different text link ads in our system, including simple text links, contextual links and site wide links (both text links and context links).

We hope this article has clarified some of the questions, but if not than feel free to get in touch with our support for further clarifications.

Is it Worth It to Buy One Way Links?

Link building is one of the most time consuming and tedious parts of search engine optimizing.  It is also, however, one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting your site in the SERPs.  Not so long ago, the solution for webmasters to build up a large amount of strong quality links was to swap reciprocal links.  While none of us really know the exact mechanisms of the Google algorithm, we do know that reciprocal links aren’t worth one way links.  Some webmasters try to get around this with three way links but, really, don’t they realize that the search engines can spot these?  If you want to get back links to your site, there are several ways to do it.  Surprisingly, to buy one way links can actually be the cheapest option.

As business people, we know to think on the long-term scale.  While it may be painful to fork over money to buy one way links, NOT buying one way links may actually cost more in the long run.  To understand this, let us look at the other ways of getting one way links to your site.  The first is to make such a great site with lots of information that everyone will automatically want to link their sites to it.  There is a bit of a Catch 22 here though: if no one can find your site because it isn’t in the SERPs, how will they know it is so worth linking to?  While natural one way links are by far the most preferred (and cheapest) method, there is too much SEO competition out there to go about it naturally.

Many enterprising young webmasters set up dozens or even hundreds of bogus sites just for the sake of putting up back links to their main site.  Now we know that the search engines are looking for quality links, not just quantity.  If you want these links to count, the sites they are on have better be great.  You could spend your time making lots of great websites that all link to your main page and sure, you might get up on the SERPs.  However, you are spending a lot of time and resources that should be spent making your main site fabulous (thus drawing in natural one way links).  When you look at the alternatives, to buy one way links is a great option especially for sites that need an extra boost to get them off the ground.

What It Means to Buy Quality Links

Before we talk about why to buy quality links, let’s look at what the ideal link should be. In the perfect situation, a back link is given to your site naturally from another site probably because the two sites are relevant. In this case, the link is on a normal page and maybe even included in text. If we want to talk in terms of perfection, than a quality link also comes from a site that you’d be proud to be associated with. For example, it would do wonders for your site to get a link from high rankings sites like The New York Times.

If you have a standard site with some text and lots of products, it is going to be hard to get these ideal links. It will also probably be pretty difficult to even get anywhere near the top of the SERPs, especially for competitive niches. That is why it becomes important to buy quality links. When it comes to buying links, you have a lot of different options ranging from the super cheap to the extraordinarily expensive. How do you know if you are buying quality links or not? Basically every SEO and link building company will claim that their links will get you results but there is rarely a guarantee of this.

If you are looking to buy quality links, then you need to find a company that is open about its tactics. In order to understand what you are paying for, you will also have to know what to look for. The most basic rule of link building is quality over quantity. A bunch of dead sites that link to yours will do you no good. Even worse, a link farm can end up costing you rankings. Before buying links, you need to find out a few things. First, what is the site where your back link will be placed? You want the site to be relevant to yours. Next, how many links does the site sell. Now, you want to get into the finer details. See if you can’t have your link placed in the middle of text on a high-ranking page. Avoid buying links that are all listed on a separate page altogether. For every place where you can buy quality links, you will find smaller differences that affect the price. Keep in mind that just a few quality links can make a huge difference in your rankings.

Tips For When You Buy Links

Once newbies to SEO figure out how important backlinks are to your site, a lot of them run out and buy links from every end of the web. After the 1000th backlink and no change in the Google SERPs, they will probably start to rethink your strategy. Let’s face it: there is no way to cheat the Google algorithm. If we could, then the sites with the most money and best tricksters would always come out on top and all of our searches would be completely useless. When you buy links, you shouldn’t be thinking of it as a way to cheat but rather as a way to start networking. Since all businesses, including online sites, are about getting powerful friends, buying links is a bit like making campaign contributions to the right politician. If you are going to buy links, you better make sure that you are networking with the right sites with the power to get you results. Here are tips for when you buy links:

1. Relevancy! Buy links only from sites which are relevant to you own.

2. Do not buy links from sites which already have many paid links.

3. Be careful of buying links which will be labeled as “sponsored” or “paid.”

4. Pay attention to where the backlinks you buy will be placed. If you can buy links which will be placed in the middle of content, this is a big plus. Try to avoid buying backlinks which will be in footers or sidebars. Especially avoid links that will be placed on a separate page. These may be interpreted as link farms by Google!

5. Mind your anchor text. You want to make sure that your anchor text looks natural. You should also be varying your anchor text on every single page from which you buy backlinks.

6. Look at the page ranking of the site for its own keywords. If the site cannot do well for its targeted keywords, then it will probably not help your site.

7. Don’t just buy links for your homepage. You should be getting links which are pointed towards all the pages which are in your website.

8. Don’t focus on page rank while deciding where to buy your backlinks. Page rank is usually not up to date. New pages may have a low page rank but can still provide you with great backlinks, assuming that they are pertinent to your targeted industry.