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Do Not be Scared by Google Panda

SEOWe are still receiving a lot of questions with regards to Google Panda update and how to deal with it. We pretty much covered this topic in our Google Panda Overview post. If you have not read it, we strongly recommend doing this as soon as possible. There are a lot of buzz around the Internet about this topic, but is this really the topic you should read again and again?

It seems like most internet marketing, so-called gurus are trying to do the best to scare people around, so they can flog their products to them. Do you know that the most powerful marketing strategy is based on fear? If the person is scared to death, then it is very easy to sell them a solution, even though it is a very basic one. And you can charge that person a premium price for a method, which claims to help them.

Imagine a webmaster who had been working on a website for several months, who found their website dropping in major search engines. This pour guy will be an easy target for search engine optimization ‘specialists’, who are actually pure internet marketer and they just know how to push buttons to make their products sold. Do not fall into this trap!

If you read our post about new Google algorithm and write down all tips we provide there, you will see that we have not provided any new information there. You can get any good SEO related ebook and use it successfully to fight with this magic ‘Panda’. There is no silver bullet and it is not a rocket science. The only thing you need to do is to follow the rules of SEO game, set by Google.

It is very easy to fight back and return your positions in search engines if you follow our advice. We actually posted a case study on how we were able to help one of our clients, using backlinks in our inventory and adding good quality content on their website. You can read about it in What Kind of Backlinks You Should Buy Today article.

Of cause, if you have a crappy web site and it dropped in ranking, you will have to spend more time to re-gain ranking back, as you will need to publish more great content on it. In the modern world, this website would not be just de-ranked, but it would be more likely de-indexed. If this happens, than we do not think you will be able to get it back into Google. The only chance to do this would be to add content and then re-submit it for review. But there is a big risk that you would not be approved and you will lose your content. There are some other tricks you can try, like getting aged domains and redirecting them to your banned site, but it also does not work as well as before.

So, if your web property has dropped in ranking, but was not de-indexed, then, there is a big chance you can get it back to the top. But do not use any dark or blackhat methods. Do not spam comments and generate tons of profiles with backlinks to it. These methods will not really help, but they can actually harm you in a bad way. You can use these techniques carefully, but only after you have returned your positions in search engines. Below we will remind you what we would do and what we actually do today for our clients.

Steps To Get Search Engin Ranking Back

  1. CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. We want to emphasise again how important good quality content today. This content should not be short as 500 words in one article is not really enough anymore. You should try to make your articles of 1000 words or longer. Having this content, you will outrank most of your competition as they are still using fiverr and other cheap sources for their websites.
  2. Backlinks. We can talk for hours here and will not come to a conclusion on what exactly you should do here. All methods are great (we are not talking about blackhat methods). Articles are great source for backlinks. Social media websites are also great. If you have tried to use those methods, you will know that they are very time consuming. We use those methods and we create, probably from 10% to 20% of those links to our clients’ web pages. The rest are backlinks, which they buy in our inventory. We just do this for them or advise them on what types of text links we would advise them to purchase and they do it themselves.


So far, this methods works great for our clients and you can try it too. Just remember, that you need to have good quality backlinks coming to your quality content. If you do this properly, then you will be fine and new Google algorithm updates will not bother you. So, instead of buying a product from next Search Engine Optimization guru, better spend that money on quality content and backlinks as you will not learn anything new there.

We are hoping that this article was useful and that you have more confidence and knowledge now. Do not be scared, but do what you need to do to stay on the top.

We will continue to monitor trends, which are happening around the web and especially in SEO world and will continue publish updates and our views on that.