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Link Building Services in the Post Panda Era

Link building services had to definitely change their strategies following the new Panda updates. First will attempt to define what link building is so that we understand how things have changed following the search algorithms updates. Search engines use three criterias to rank website pages. The factors involved in calculating how a page is ranked include on page optimization, the popularity of the page in relation to back links volume pointing to the page and the relevance of the keywords used on the content in the site. All these factors are important but none of them takes a lot of time and study as link building. It is probably the most time consuming exercise undertaken by any webmaster or SEO expert.

To understand how backlinks work, let’s take an example of a road with road signs. Think of the road signs as the backlinks, the more of these signs on the road giving directions to a particular location the easier it is to get to the location and most certainly the more popular the location will be because everyone passing through the roads will have at some point read one of the signs. So with this example search engines think of sites with a large volume of backlinks as being popular and thus give them priority when it comes to retrieving search results. The more backlinks one site has the better chance of it appearing higher on the page ranks.

Another example we can use is if we can think of websites as real estate locations, with the prime city locations with the tallest building as being the most popular and the interior locations as being the least popular. Having that in mind now, let’s imagine that the tall prime buildings have large billboards on them advertising other buildings. The bigger the building the more popular it and so the more people visit the building thus having a lot of traffic.

Now all the people who visit the building will always get to notice the large bill boards advertising other buildings with nice things on sale and the people will definitely make an effort to visit the advertised stores. In trying to differentiate the value of backlinks, let’s think of billboards appearing on tall popular buildings as being more expensive but highly effective in driving traffic to the advertised stores. A small building with a small poster advertising another building is not given much attention as one that appears as a big billboard on the most popular building in town. There is really no better way to explain this other than the two examples above.

The point is, one has to understand that text links aren’t just backlinks sand that some links have more value than other. For instance text links from a web page with page rank 5 have more value than a web site with page rank 1 or 0. So while conducting your link building campaign it’s important to invest in building links from highly ranked websites, otherwise all your efforts will not produce much reward. For this reason companies providing link building services offer professional link building campaigns that over time will bring your site to the ranks that you desire and that is top ranks. Take note that link building is not something you do overnight and wait for results. It takes strategic planning, and should be done over a period of time so as not to raise flags to the search engines.

Most websites get flagged and banned by the search engines when they suddenly build high back link volumes over a short period of time. Let’s say, the last time the spiders crawled the internet to look for new content your website was indexed as having 20 inbound backlinks, 3 days later your site has 10,000 inbound backlinks, definitely your site will raise eyebrows, the search engines like to be fair and one thing they don’t like is to be cheated so having done that you could face a penalty of being ignored by the search engines which will definitely be costly to your business.

Following the recent Panda updates link building has tremendously changed and some of the traditional link building strategies don’t have any more relevance and for this reason don’t make any more guesses, employ a link building services company to plan and conduct an effective link building campaign for your website.