Why Link Building?

Why Link Building?

As the search engines crawl through the web, we have these links that are like streets to these search engines. Search engines analyze the popularity of a page or site through the number of links connected to them. Although trusted sites tend to link to other trusted sites, spammy sites rarely get links from trusted sites. If you want your site or page links to matter to the search engines then you will have to make your site important and famous.

There are tons and tons of websites that offer their visitors the chance to create links through comments on blogs, user profiles, signing in to these sites etc. Although the links created by these websites do not have very high value they do have the capacity to make quite an impact. Not to forget though that the automated method of link creation and the links created are very likely spams also many site owners and search engines do not prefer the manually made ones either. Organizations these days are hiring SEO’s that can assist in making their websites search friendly, however, a weak and soft backlink profile is an open invitation to high competition. There is also another option for back links that most people go for, to buy backlinks cheap! Although bought backlinks may have some impact on your website, they still come with risks like being discovered and getting banned by Google etc.

One may ask, if link building is such a hassle then why do it? Well, link building has more advantages than you think it does. No matter what people say, there is no question that link building is one of the best ways to make your site popular. First off, link building helps in getting your website or link popular! Link popularity basically refers to an overall number of sites or pages that link to your website, hence, resulting in you getting more inbound links. Just incase you don’t know what inbound links are, it means other websites linking to your website. The second good link building does to your website is that it increases your page rank. As stated earlier the more inbound links the better, and when these inbound links are of high PR search engines will easily detect your website and will put it among ranking sites. However, if your inbound links are of low PR then the whole process can backfire on you and this usually happens when you buy backlinks cheap, as these links tend to have really low PR.

Moving on, once you have experienced the first two benefits of link building the rest just keep coming forming a chain of benefits. After getting your page rank increased, it will get really easy for your website to get links in the future. You have to make sure that the PR of your inbound links are high because the future links only depend on the high PR of the links connecting with your website, as other websites will then be sure of the authenticity of your site. Getting the top position in the search engines result page is all that matters and the previously mentioned benefits will get you here, increased search engine ranking. This depends highly on link popularity and page rank.

Want to know what more Link Building does? It gets you quality traffic from relevant sites which means increase in sales if anything. The site will be seen as a valuable resource when there will be high quality incoming links. Link Building also helps massively in creating awareness of your site along with credibility and visibility. Not just that but it’s one of the best ways to advertise about your website as well as you will appear on other websites for free! What more could you want for your website? So get to work and make your website or page successful through link building.

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