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Sell Text Links – Why and How!

Since SEO is fast becoming one of the most important aspect of the internet marketing, a popular blogger or manager of a web site has a chance to earn a lot of money with very little effort. Most popular bloggers sell text links for well over 100$ per month per link, and that is an amount of cash that can really pile up if you manage to give a lot of traffic to the site you are linking to. There is a fine line you need to walk if you want your site to keep high position on the site rankings and retain high value for those that would buy text links.

Selling text links is pretty easy; all you need is to make a section on your web site that is titled “popular links” or something like that, and you have yourself a place to start. Before you start looking for someone that you can sell text links to, make sure you know how much traffic can you offer and how high your site is ranked, that is something that can really affect your income if you think about earning cash this way.

The thing is, you want your content to be similar to what you are linking to, and you also want to avoid turning your site into a link farm, that’s the fine balance I was talking about. Make sure you keep up with the rules Google and other search engines place as far as design and keywords are concerned, or you will find yourself in a pickle that will damage your ratings. If you can pull that off, with a bit of research and patience you can get yourself a lot of money.