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All about Google +

Due to the popularity of social media nowadays along with the technological innovations, there are lots of developments have been made. One of these developments is the Google + which is the newest social networking site developed by Google Inc. Just like any other social networking site, Google + has also unique features which makes the site different from other social media platforms.

Here are the features of Google +

Circles- This feature refers to your “friend” in the social networking sites, however, this is different compared to other social networking platforms because this feature classifies your “friends” into different circles or categories. In addition, through this feature, you have the ability to choose the content that you want to share with your friends.

Stream- This feature of Google + is the same with the newsfeed feature of Facebook wherein you will see the latest activities of your friends.

Sparks- This feature is very interesting because it offers you information on your interests. For instance, you like swimming, once you choose swimming in your spark category, automatically; your spark feed will display topics relevant to swimming.

Hangouts- This is the most exciting and interesting part of the features of Google +. Through this feature you have the chance to socialize with other users through the use of video chat. With this feature, 10 people can actually use the hangout feature at the same time. This feature is the first in a social networking platform. In addition to this feature, people who use hangout can watch the videos at YouTube in the same screen at the same time.

Aside from socializing, Google + can also be used for business purposes. Actually, you can use Google + as a tool to drive traffic to the articles that you have created. Here are the steps that you can follow to drive traffic to your articles through the use of Google +.

First thing that you need to do is to familiarize yourself with Google + along with its features. You need to get acquainted with the site in order for you to create a plan on how you can take advantage of its features and use it for your benefits as well. Since Google + is still new to the world of social media, you need to be aware of the possible enhancements that the site is developing and figure out how you can use them to create traffic to your articles.

Next, you need to create a profile which stands out and impressive. Through the creation of an impressive profile, you can attract the attention of other users and create an impression that you are a potential client. You can create an impressive profile by listing down your information such as your experience professionally, your expertise, your hobbies as well as the type of movies that you watch.

Then, you need to invite people in your network. You can do this by researching and inviting numerous and various potential clients because the idea here is to connect to a lot of people and create an interaction with them. You also need to make sure that people you’ve invited are active in the social media platform to maximize interaction.

After that, you build reputation. You can build your reputation by looking for your prospects who will click links that will lead them to your published articles online. If you can do this, your prospects will think that you are an expert in your field.

Finally, you can now focus your time in joining discussions relevant to your niche as well as offering your opinions and ensuring that your prospects will look up to you when they read your ideas.

Google Over-Optimized Penalty Overview

Everybody who is involved in internet marketing and search engine optimization has definitely heard about Google Panda algorithm and penalties associated with it. It has been talked about for so long, so people got used to it and in one way or another we are all trying to cope with it, hoping that bad times are behind us. But you know what? It is not over yet.

Now there is a big buzz going around the web that they are about to introduce new penalties for over optimized websites. It means that if you did what was said in SEO books even one year ago, you can end up in being penalized for it. We personally think that Google is becoming too obsessed as they have enough analytics already to recognize dodgy sites. It seems they behave like the one who could not get enough and want more and more until they end up with nothing. World is really need an alternative to this monopolized market, but until it is not there we have to play their game.

So, what they mean by over optimized websites? We will try to analyse it below.
First think you need to check is your title and description. Those are your face for all search engines. Take a careful look at them and make sure that you do not just list keywords there, especially if all of them contain the same short keyword in each of them. The idea is that your title and description should be targeting your readers, but not search engines. The main idea here is that users are more likely to click on meaningful titles rather than on keywords. And if you have already read our Google Panda Overview post, then you should know how important click through rate is.

Second thing you need to think about is your internal backlinks structure. We all know that this is a very important part of SEO and we all use it on our sites. But be careful and do not overdo it. There are a lot of websites there, which stuff their posts with a lot of links to internal pages; they want to rank higher in search engines. Now this is considered as not a very good practice. Try to limit this and add only one or two text links there or even skip them if you have other backlinks in your posts. Especially avoid adding the same link multiple times on the same webpage.
Another tip, related to it is to avoid multiple links in your footer. I believe everyone has seen websites with a lot of links to internal or external pages, hidden in the footer. Stop doing it and find another place for those links on your website. Also, you should not make those links of the similar colour as your background. We all know that the same colour is a huge NO-NO practice, so a lot of webmasters started to use similar colours as a workaround. So, from now on, consider it as NO-NO too, as if you are caught you can lose more then you have gained from it.

Third point is to avoid backlinks from private networks. We think that it is not really dangerous to get backlinks from those if they are placed correctly. You should avoid networks, which contain interlinked members of them, as they can be easily detected. Another type of networks to stay away from those, which claim that, they will place your article to multiple websites. No matter how good your spun article is, it is really impossible to spin the same text even ten times so it cannot be recognized as the same article by smart search engine crawlers. So, if you really want to use blog networks, then you should use those, which allow you to publish one or two posts for the same article. We are planning to open our own network, which we are using for promoting our websites. So, if you are interested, keep an eye on our blog for announcements.
The same tip is relevant for article marketing. Do not publish the same article to multiple article directories. This means you should avoid automated tools like article marketing robot or use them very carefully.

Last thing we want to talk about is a content of your website. One thing you need to stay away from is from adding text to your content, which is specifically dedicated to search engines. Quite often webmasters publish very useful content, which might be difficult to optimize for specific keywords and then they add a paragraph to that article, which is stuffed with keywords and not really beneficial from readers’ point of view. This is going another target for Google in the nearest future.
Another important tip for the content of your website is avoiding multiple webpages optimized for the same keywords. It is fine to have several of them as it can be difficult to avoid this completely if your website is targeting a small niche, but you must avoid having lots of pages optimized for slightly modified keyword terms.

To summarize this, we tried to give you a very brief overview of additional things you need to look at when creating and developing your websites, so you stay under the radar of search engines. You should use these techniques together with all the others; we talked about earlier, in our previous posts. If you follow our advice, you will definitely rank higher than your competition and more importantly, you will be on a safe side from being penalized by Google.