Basic SEO Techniques

Basic SEO Techniques

Many webmasters are struggling to rank their websites online mainly because they do not remember very basic SEO techniques, which are described in all SEO books and articles. Everybody is focused on discussing recent Google algorithms instead on following the basic rules. In this article we will try to cover very basic techniques every webmaster should remember.

Here are the main search engine optimization tips you should use for all your website. Thise are the basics of seo process, which every one should use.

Main SEO Techniques

Optimize Title of Your Page

First thing you need to do it to optimize your title. If you focus your article on a particular keyword, than this keyword should definitely present in the title of your page. It has to be also used in the actual title of your article. Quite often this very simple rule is completely forgotten.

You also should not make the title too long. The recommended maximum length of it is no more than 70 characters.

It is not recommended to use just the keyword as your title.

Title has to be descriptive and attract visitors to your website.

Keywords Meta Tag

A lot of search engine optimization specialists claim that it is not important to use meta tags in your SEO techniques arsenal. This is actually not true. It is probably does not have as much weight as before, but you still need to utilize these meta tags.

First, you should have your main and related keywords in your Keywords Meta Tag. It is not recommended to use more than ten keywords in it and you should try to use all of them in your content. If some keywords from the meta tag is not used in your article, then consider removing it from the tag.

Description Meta Tag – Create a compelling description

Again, many people around are saying that this tag does not have any impact anymore and again, this is not true. It still affects your positions in search engine results if you use it right in SEO techniques you use to promote your website.

We advise you to utilise description Meta tag when optimizing your web pages. It should definitely contain your main keywords and be very descriptive. Very often, it is shown in search results, so potential visitors should be willing to come to your site after seeing your title and description. This will increase your click-through and as a result the value of your page for search engines.

Use Headline Tags in Your SEO Techniques

It is very important to use different headline tags in your content. It is also important to include your main keywords in them. We recommend that you use H1, H2 and H3 tags on your page. This will increase value of your page and will show search engines that your page is definitely has a value when somebody searches for your keyword.

Use ALT Attribute for Images

When you include images in your content, you should not forget about very useful ALT attribute. It is a very small thing and it is very often ignored by website owners, but it can have a vital effect on your ranking.

Link to External Authority Websites

Many webmasters try not to link to external sites, thinking that it will lead to ‘link juice’ leaking away from the page. Our experience shows that if you link to authority websites, related to your website, it does not harm your website, but in most cases it actually helps your site to rank higher. It shows that your website is really about the topic of your keyword and again increases a value of your site in the eyes of the search engines.

Interlink Internal Pages

Do not dismiss this search engine optimization technique. It is very important to link to related pages on your site from other pages. This helps to increase their weight and value.

You do not really need to learn the latest seo techniques, as they are all based on these fundamental principles. Once you feel comfortable with these basic concepts, it will be much easier to learn advanced seo techniques.

There are some other SEO tips available out there, but if you use the SEO techniques described above, you will be making huge step to your success online.

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