How to Get Backlinks to My Website?

How to Get Backlinks to My Website?

People ask us many questions, but most often, they ask the same question – how to get backlinks to my website. Even though we are in a business of selling backlinks, the answer is not very simple. Of cause, it would be much easier for us to say, that to get one-way links to your website, you should simply buy backlinks.

Paid text links are still one of the quickest ways to get quality backlinks to your website, but there are many other methods, which can bring you more one-way links. We posted a very nice report earlier on how to get backlinks to my website. You can even download it in PDF format here: how to get backlinks to my website.

Why People Ask Question – “How to Get Backlinks to My Website”?

Today, everybody talks about, how important content is for ranking high in the major search engines. This is true! However, nobody has dismissed value of high quality backlinks. Text links are still very important in the search engine optimization process and you should spend time on building them toy your website.

Do Not Ask “How to Get Backlinks to My Website”. Ask “Where to Get Backlinks to My Website”.

We believe that “how to get backlinks to my website” is not the question you should ask yourself. The more important question is where to get them. In the report, mentioned above, we cover different types of backlinks, you can build to your site.
We mentioned Web 2.0, article submission, link exchange, paid links etc. All text links, described in that report, work. Some work better than others, but they all work and you should not dismiss them.

How to Get Backlinks to My Website with Paid Backlinks

First thing, we need to clarify here, whether it is safe to do it. The answer is, it depends. We are sure that it is very safe to buy backlinks with us as we invested a lot of time and money in the security, so there is no footprint of our backlinks on the Internet.
Another thing you need to think about is how paid links are different for the automated bot. In their eyes, they are just HTML tags.
When somebody is hit by Google Panda or Penguin, it is very easy to blame backlinks, but usually it is the minor factor in the de-indexing process. In most cases it is poor quality of the content in combination of other factors, like hosting, sites, hosted next to you, speed of loading, bounce rate, etc.

If you read our report or other posts, you will see that we talk about it a lot.

So, paid backlinks is not a bad thing. Think about them as about advertisement. When you buy a banner on somebody’s website, you are getting a paid backlink to your site. When you buy a context advertisement – it is again, a paid backlinks.

Let’s assume that paid backlinks are the main reason for banning websites. So, what would bad competitors would do? They would go and buy backlinks to your website, to get rid of you.
Google is smart enough to avoid this situation. They do a good thing now, by filtering out bad quality websites and promoting good.

Remember just one thing. If you try to associate it with a real life, text links are the way for recommending something. The more authority the recommender has, the better value they bring to you.

Think about it and instead of asking how to get backlinks to my website, ask yourself a question on how you can improve a quality of your website and make your visitors like it and to stay longer on it.

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