How to Improve Search Engine Rankings

How to Improve Search Engine Rankings

This is the magical question that all webmasters would like a clear cut answer to: how to improve search engine rankings. There are many ways to get your site up there on the search engine result pages (SERPs). However, these ways are constantly evolving as the search engines stay ahead of all the SEO masters trying to trick their way to the top. In reality, the only way to improve search engine rankings is to have a great site that is worth being on the top of the SERPs. Again, there is NO WAY to fake your way to the top but there are some tactics that will give you an advantage.

The first tactic to improve search engine rankings is keywords. You want to make sure that you are targeting relevant keywords in a natural way. Some SEO experts claim that 2-3% is the ideal amount for keywords to appear and more than this will cause ranking deductions. We will never know for sure because the search engine algorithms are a masterminded mystery. We do know, however, that search engine rankings love long tail keywords. That means using entire phrases to improve search engine rankings rather than just one or two words. Try to think about how someone would find your site if they were searching for it. No one types in one-word searches anymore!

After keywords, link building is one of the most important aspects for improving search engine rankings. Each link that comes to your site is like a vote of popularity. However, not every single link has the same power. The goal is to get links from sites that already have good rankings. This is logical: if a highly-ranked site is linking to you, then you are probably also worth high rankings. After these two steps, the tactics get a bit trickier and more detailed such as customizing titles, minding site structure and creating a site map. When it comes to this end of improving site rankings, you are better off consulting the pros.

Then comes the last and most important part of getting your site on the SERPS: traffic. Without visitors to your site, all the work you did to optimize your site will be for nothing. As said before, the only way to genuinely improve site rankings is to make a great site that people want to visit. All the other tricks are just to get people to the site- it is your job to keep them coming back and the traffic growing naturally.

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