Sell Text Links – Why and How!

Since SEO is fast becoming one of the most important aspect of the internet marketing, a popular blogger or manager of a web site has a chance to earn a lot of money with very little effort. Most popular bloggers sell text links for well over 100$ per month per link, and that is an amount of cash that can really pile up if you manage to give a lot of traffic to the site you are linking to. There is a fine line you need to walk if you want your site to keep high position on the site rankings and retain high value for those that would buy text links.

Selling text links is pretty easy; all you need is to make a section on your web site that is titled “popular links” or something like that, and you have yourself a place to start. Before you start looking for someone that you can sell text links to, make sure you know how much traffic can you offer and how high your site is ranked, that is something that can really affect your income if you think about earning cash this way.

The thing is, you want your content to be similar to what you are linking to, and you also want to avoid turning your site into a link farm, that’s the fine balance I was talking about. Make sure you keep up with the rules Google and other search engines place as far as design and keywords are concerned, or you will find yourself in a pickle that will damage your ratings. If you can pull that off, with a bit of research and patience you can get yourself a lot of money.

How Search Engine Optimization Affects Marketing

While marketing was pretty important part of the business even before information era came to be, now it’s more important then anything else, even the quality of your product is not enough to keep you afloat if you do not know how to make sure the word about your product reaches the customers. Easiest way to get to the customers is online, and to make sure you have high internet presence you have to use various search engine optimization methods.

SEO market experts are fast becoming one of the highest profile experts in the marketing world. They know all the knicks and knacks of the internet and can do a lot to make sure that your product reaches plenty of people. Of course, search engine optimization is by no means an easy task, usually behind those people there is a fine oiled up team that is day and night learning more and more about how internet evolves and are using that knowledge to benefit their customers.

The best part of a successful search engine optimization is that it’s pretty much self sustaining. Once the site of your product reaches top of the page when people use keywords describing your product, it is more then likely to stay there are traffic to your site increases, creating a positive feedback that will get you even more customers – that is all what you can get if you hire a professional SEO team to work for you and your product.

Link Text Changes

Recently we have had a lot of requests to make it possible to amend anchor textsfor existing backlinks.

We have added this ability, so when you view text links to your target page, you can simply click on existing link text and this will initiate inplace editor, so you can update text for the selected backlink.

At the monment this is done for ‘text links’ only and we will add this feature for ‘context links’ shortly.

Added Context Links Support

Hi everyone! We have been working very hard to improve our text link ads marketplace. We have added a lot of features recently. But now we have added one of the most requested feature, – Context Links.

First of all let’s give a definition of contextual links. Context links are links, which are embedded into some textual content, like sentence or paragraph.

What it means is that from now on, as a publisher you can sell contextual links on your link pages and as an advertiser you can purchase context links and place them on relevant resources.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature.

As usually, we encourage you to provide us with your feedback in case you find any issues with it or you want something to be improved.

All You Need to Know About One Way Links

When it comes to putting your website in the top couple of them on a certain topic, you need to know your way round SEO. Search engine optimization is crucial to getting traffic to your website and it includes several tactics that you can find explained elsewhere. In this particular article, we will focus on only one SEO tactic and those are one way links. In principle, it couldn’t be any simpler.

One-way links are those links that link to your site from sites and these sites don’t receive a link from your website. They are regarded as quite important when it comes to ranking sites on search engines and they are based on the principle that the content on your website must be real original, interesting and relevant if there are people and websites that will provide a link to it without asking for anything in return. They will also directly forward traffic to your site from the sites where you have links.

There are a couple of ways to get these famed one way links and you will get the general idea in further text. The easiest and the most hustle-free and honest way to get one way links is by creating a useful, interesting and exciting website that will attract other webmasters who will then link to it.

You can also submit your website to major directories like Yahoo for example, in the appropriate category of course. You can also find sites with material relevant to yours and ask them to publish some of your content and link to your site. You may also target specific directories that are directly relevant to your topic. You can also consider buying text link ads, but that costs money and can be tricky. Have fun with it!

Do You Really Need SEO Services?

SEO services are becoming an integral part to major websites. Despite the advances and growing knowledge of search engine optimization, not all sites are utilizing these tools yet. While every webmaster would like his site to be number one on page rankings, one should look at the broader picture before hiring SEO services.

The first question to ask before hiring SEO services is, “How will improved page rankings help my business?” For sites in competitive online sales businesses, the answer is pretty clear. If your website sells shoes, just going up from number 11 to 10 in page rankings for the keyword “women’s leather tennis shoes” can drastically increase traffic and potential sales. For smaller businesses, hiring a staff of SEO experts is not cost effective. It is better to hire outside SEO services who will give your site an extra boost to get you up to the top of the page rankings.

The best time to hire SEO services is when your website is just starting or you are doing a major redesign. This will give you the chance to optimize your entire site to a certain audience. Keep in mind that SEO services alone will not necessarily get you results! SEO is about getting your site to the top of the page rankings. Once the traffic starts coming, it is up to you to provide a useful site or service to keep the traffic coming back and get visitors to perform certain actions (buy something, click ads, etc).

When choosing SEO services, you will first want to consider whether local SEO or an international approach is better for your business. Make sure to ask the SEO services about their previous work, their techniques, and the short and long-term results they expect to see.

How to Choose a Link Building Service

Anyone serious about SEO and getting their site to the top knows that a link building service is necessary- at least for newer sites and sites that need an extra boost. It simply takes too much time and resources to build up enough back links by yourself or to wait for your low-ranking site to get back links naturally. A good link building service will provide you with the quality links you need to get your site up in the SERPS and increase traffic and results. However, a new link building service appears every single day online. You should be skeptical of these and take caution before choosing a service to use.

The best way to determine if a link building service is legit or fake is to check its rankings. After all, these companies are supposed to be professionals and be able to get results. If the service’s own site cannot rank well for their keywords and niche, then they probably won’t be able to help you! Also, link building services which can be physically contacted are usually more reliable than those which exist only online and offer no support.

You want to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting for your money. A good link building service will give you original links, not duplicate links that search engines can spot. They will also offer different types of links such as though placed in text which are much more valuable to SEO. Expect a quality service to have done its research and be able to provide data on which strategies could work for your website. Of course, price is going to factor into your decision for choosing a link service. Just remember that you get what you pay for and a few quality links are worth more than hundreds of useless ones.

Manual Links Validation Fix

There was a small problem with backlinks validation for links with spaces before or/and after ‘=’ sign in href attribute. Now links with the following format are validated properly: <a href = “”>link text</a>. Please note that this was important for link pages with manual text links placement.

Please, let us know if you want any other improvements or features to be added.

How to Improve Search Engine Rankings

This is the magical question that all webmasters would like a clear cut answer to: how to improve search engine rankings. There are many ways to get your site up there on the search engine result pages (SERPs). However, these ways are constantly evolving as the search engines stay ahead of all the SEO masters trying to trick their way to the top. In reality, the only way to improve search engine rankings is to have a great site that is worth being on the top of the SERPs. Again, there is NO WAY to fake your way to the top but there are some tactics that will give you an advantage.

The first tactic to improve search engine rankings is keywords. You want to make sure that you are targeting relevant keywords in a natural way. Some SEO experts claim that 2-3% is the ideal amount for keywords to appear and more than this will cause ranking deductions. We will never know for sure because the search engine algorithms are a masterminded mystery. We do know, however, that search engine rankings love long tail keywords. That means using entire phrases to improve search engine rankings rather than just one or two words. Try to think about how someone would find your site if they were searching for it. No one types in one-word searches anymore!

After keywords, link building is one of the most important aspects for improving search engine rankings. Each link that comes to your site is like a vote of popularity. However, not every single link has the same power. The goal is to get links from sites that already have good rankings. This is logical: if a highly-ranked site is linking to you, then you are probably also worth high rankings. After these two steps, the tactics get a bit trickier and more detailed such as customizing titles, minding site structure and creating a site map. When it comes to this end of improving site rankings, you are better off consulting the pros.

Then comes the last and most important part of getting your site on the SERPS: traffic. Without visitors to your site, all the work you did to optimize your site will be for nothing. As said before, the only way to genuinely improve site rankings is to make a great site that people want to visit. All the other tricks are just to get people to the site- it is your job to keep them coming back and the traffic growing naturally.